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At the end of January, I visited my friend who lives 3.5 hours away from me.  We had a great visit, but I managed to leave my writing notebook behind.  I wasn't too worried, as I was 4 weeks ahead of schedule on my writing assignments, but she promised to mail it back right away.

Then I got sick.  The kind of sick where you don't sleep or eat, but instead spend your days writhing in pain and whimpering to your children that you wish they'd just get it over with and feed you some poison or something.  I stayed that way for about two weeks before the meds kicked in and my infection started to go away. 

One day I woke up (mid afternoon) and realized that I still didn't have my writing notebook.  Emails on the subject being unanswered, I resorted to calling, and when that didn't work, had my son leave piteous messages on his "aunt's" answering machine.

My notebook finally arrived in the mail (along with my favorite socks & pj's) yesterday afternoon.  I posted my now three weeks late assignment, my two weeks late assignment, and perused the writing forums, where I discovered that many, many people were still way behind and that even the ones that were not that far behind really didn't have all that many comments on their work.  So I went around commenting and adding & subtracting other peoples threads from my bookmark list (some stories were becoming less interesting to me than their blurbs had sounded in my head originally, while others had become so much more interesting).  Then I printed out the next few weeks worth of assignments (I found that I was still ahead a couple, but having regained my senses am interested in writing again now) and settled in to write...

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